Empowering Women rights

Benefits of Educating a Women

holynamemary1Educating women are the most important thing for the development of country. It is healthy and safe for the kids, family and the entire community. A woman plays an active role in most families. When they are educated, they would, in turn, educate their kids. It helps to lead a healthy and happy life.

Reduction in population: An educated women will be aware of abortion, birth control measures, pills, etc. They will know in detail about late motherhood, safe pregnancy and family planning. They help in reducing female fertility rates.

Over the years, several factors mitigate against female education. The most common factors include child betrothal, forced marriage, circumcision and early marriage. Economic factors also hinder women to get education.

Most people think that it is expensive to offer education and discontinue or do not allow their girl kids to enter school. They would indulge them in daily household chores. It is the reason the female illiteracy rate is always on peak.

At present, government has taken several steps and offered privileges to women. It has helped them to get education and employment. Women have the capacity to perform equally like men. But they are neglected just mentioning their gender. Women’s have started to work from home and earn great income.

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