Education is Mandatory for Women Empowerment

Education for all Girls and Women

students-smilingInternational Women’s Day is celebrated to remark the importance of women. It is celebrated on March 08 every year. Education is more than arithmetic, calculation, writing and reading. It is necessary to educate every women or girl child. A country has to invest in women in form of education to see a vast development.

Education helps in reducing inequality and poverty. It offers great exposure to people regarding crucial tools and skills. It helps the learner and student to perform better. They can create chances for viable and sustainable economic growth. It is possible to fight with most dangerous diseases like AIDS and HIV. Education boosts stability, great governance, transparency and also fight against corruption.

If a large group of females is educated, they can improve the productiveness of the country and helps in economic growth. Nowadays, knowledgeable women work proficiently, remain healthier and earn high income. They have less children. They offer better education and health care to their children.

When you educate one child, it can help to save millions of human beings. It is almost equal to lighting a candle and enjoying its light by lighting several candles. Educated women and children have the information, abilities and self-assurance to serve as a better employee, citizen and parent.

Ways to enhance girl’s education
Girl children should be given free education until they complete their schooling.

Schools should be located close to their home. Most parents deny sending their girl kids to school if it is located far away.

The education should be cost effective or affordable. There should be sufficient scholarships and stipends to encourage girl’s education. Appropriate learning materials and relevant curriculum will aid them to understand several things in best manner. If girls get good early childhood care, they perform best in school and future.

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