Education is Mandatory for Women Empowerment

students-smilingInternational Women’s Day is celebrated to remark the importance of women. It is celebrated on March 08 every year. Education is more than arithmetic, calculation, writing and reading. It is necessary to educate every women or girl child. A country has to invest in women in form of education to see a vast development.

Education helps in reducing inequality and poverty. It offers great exposure to people regarding crucial tools and skills. It helps the learner and student to perform better. They can create chances for viable and sustainable economic growth. It is possible to fight with most dangerous diseases like AIDS and HIV. Education boosts stability, great governance, transparency and also fight against corruption.

If a large group of females is educated, they can improve the productiveness of the country and helps in economic growth. Nowadays, knowledgeable women work proficiently, remain healthier and earn high income. They have less children. They offer better education and health care to their children.

When you educate one child, it can help to save millions of human beings. It is almost equal to lighting a candle and enjoying its light by lighting several candles. Educated women and children have the information, abilities and self-assurance to serve as a better employee, citizen and parent.

Ways to enhance girl’s education
Girl children should be given free education until they complete their schooling.

Schools should be located close to their home. Most parents deny sending their girl kids to school if it is located far away.

The education should be cost effective or affordable. There should be sufficient scholarships and stipends to encourage girl’s education. Appropriate learning materials and relevant curriculum will aid them to understand several things in best manner. If girls get good early childhood care, they perform best in school and future.

Education is Mandatory for Women Empowerment

10-12-2012womenandgirlsTraining and education are important for social advancement and economic growth. The main objective would be to align their skills with the present market needs. Personally, women and men’s education play an important role in getting a job, settling in a profession and earn a living. Education helps them to acquire economic independence. Good training and education promote cohesion, social inclusion and equity.

Education patterns change in a vast way. Along with formal education systems that are from nursery to higher secondary levels, there are several opportunities. It is expanding day by day. The enrolment is increasing since the literacy levels are rising gradually. Education is not a privilege only for few people. It is mandatory for all people. Nowadays, the new slogan raised by the government is ‘educational equality.’

Nowadays, women are not meant only for cooking and household work. They are the main flag holder of the society. They are responsible for raising their children and offer a chance to grow up in a healthy and positive environment. It is important to remain educated to carry out all these tasks in a matured manner. She is the first teacher for her kids. If a country treats women on a lower level, then it is hard to develop.

There should not be any gender inequalities. Both men and women should be treated equally as both are responsible for developing a nation. They play an equal role in various circumstances. Literacy is important for every woman. It helps them in improving nutrition, health and take decision in their family. Investing in training and education for women and girls is considerable as the most important requirement to achieve economic growth and sustainable development.

There are several policies and opportunities open for women and girl’s education. It leads them to enjoy various positive outcomes related to better health, higher salaries, lower social and public costs, high growth and productivity and higher social cohesion.

Blog, Empowering Women rights

women empoweringMany women face various kinds of social discrimination like molestation, sexual harassment, domestic violence, etc. Women have been given with special rights to protect themselves. Every woman should be aware of their fundamental rights to lead a happy and healthy life.

Female feticide
If a girl child is born in a home, they are killed. It happens in several parts of India. It is said that more than fifty million girls seem to be killed or missed. Every day, media shows news about cases of female feticide or infanticide. When compared to the previous reports, it has been reduced in a large way.

Parents are now well aware that female child should not be killed. They treat girl child equal to boy child. It is crime to abort a female child. It is because of this issue; physicians are not allowed to share the gender of the unborn baby. The mother and father will be punished if they abort the child after knowing that it is a female fetus. Several rules and legislations have been passed regarding female infanticide.

Dowry death
It is another common issue faced by several women. During marriage, women are imposed to pay a certain sum as dowry to the in-laws family. It is now reduced in India.