The Shocking Impact of Disposable Razors on the Environment

land-fill-1396596_640In the US alone, it is estimated that there are around 2 billion razors disposed. The sad thing is that they are designed in such a way that they can no longer be used again. As a result, they end up on landfills. Worse, they get carried away into the ocean. Some of them even reach the bellies of marine animals. We eat some of these animals. You can only imagine what happens if they reach your dining table.

The idea that we can’t do anything about these disposable razors is devastating. It is something that you need to use frequently. However, you can’t keep throwing one away. You know how much impact it would have to the environment. They are made of plastic and are usually non-biodegradable. They could hurt mother earth in more ways than you could ever imagine.

The best solution

Instead of dwelling on how much negative impact disposable razors can have to the environment, it is best if we just find a way to solve the problem. The first step is to make use of recyclable razors instead. You just have to change the blade and still be able to use the razor. They come in different sizes. The price also varies depending on the quality of the razor that you have bought. The good thing is that you can use the razor for a long time. There is no problem in throwing blades away. They may be recycled and they can also decompose.

You may also try out electric shavers. They will have the same effect when you shave but you can use them over a very long period of time. Once they fail to work, you just have to replace the broken parts and still be able to use them. The electric consumption is also very low. It is not a high-powered appliance that requires tons of energy. You can use it with very minimal energy. You also don’t have to worry about your electricity bills. If you don’t have one yet but you are interested to give it a try, you might want to read this electric shaver guide. This will help you find the best electric shaver option for your needs. You may find it a bit weird using the shaver at first. You also think that it doesn’t cut through. Over time though, you will get the hang of it and be comfortable in using it.

Act now

You might think that you have done enough to help the environment. You also try to be altruistic by donating to environmental causes. Though these actions are lauded, you also have to understand that you may do some things that you don’t know have impacted the environment in a negative way. Shaving using the disposable razor is just one of them. You don’t have to worry though since considering the alternatives, you can find a way to not be guilty about shaving soon.

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